Сurrent repairs and overhauls

«Nikolaev Locomotive Repair Plant» Ltd


«Nikolaev Locomotive Repair Plant» Ltd specialized in overhauls with the extension of the lifetime of locomotives TGM4, TGM6, TEM2, TEM7, ChME3, M62, 2 M 62, 2TE10, 2TE-116, traction units OPE1AM and other locomotive parts and assemblies. Our company provides a guarantee for performed work and conducts post-warranty service.

In 2013 was developed and implemented the project for modernization diesel locomotive TGM-4, including repowering engine with Cummins and installation of screw compressor.

In 2016-2017 were developed projects for modernization diesel locomotives TGM6, TEM2, TEM7, ChME3, 2TE10 including repowering engine with Cummins (USA), Caterpillar (USA), ABC (Belgium) and installation of Rotary-Plate compressor unit which was produced in cooperation with «Mattei».

In 2018, the first diesel locomotive TGM - 6 series after a deep modernization was put into operation.

Performing an installation of an electronic rotation frequency control system and fuel injection on the operational engines by Heinzmann (Germany), which provides 15% fuel savings and allows engine monitoring.

«NTRZ» Ltd performs modernization of diesel locomotives M-62 including replacement of 14D40 engine with 5-26DG-01 V-shaped, four-stroke with gas turbine charging and charge air cooling.

After repairs, the equipment is checked on the test bench for engines (6 ChN21/21 and 8Chn 26/26), hydraulic transmissions, turbochargers, fuel equipment, etc.

Renovated locomotive passes rheostat tests, which allows accurate adjusting of the traction characteristics of equipment by using electronic complex. When repair is completed, the diesel locomotive will be reviewed by the inspector from “Ukrzaliznytsia”. After that “Ukrzaliznytsia” issues an Act with the right to enter the tracks of the Ministry of Railways.

Since 2011, the company has been repairing AC traction units with autonomous power supply OPE1-AM.